Deadline for receiving applications is 02 April 2019, 23:59 CET.

Are you interested in media literacy, critical thinking, journalistic ethic and media analysis and would like raise awareness of these topics?


Then this call is for you! The European Dialogue  is looking for 4 participants (18-30 years old) and 1 participant who can be older than 30 years (5 people in total) from Armenia, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Montenegro, Portugal, and Slovakia to join training course “Media Behind the Scenes” that will be held on 25 April–2 May 2019 in beautiful Stará Lesná (High Tatras, close to Poprad), Slovakia.


About the project

Media Behind the Scenes is a training course (Erasmus+ youth exchange)that aims at raising professional competences of young media makers and fostering their responsibility towards society, contributing to public media literacy and people’s ability to do basic (mass)media analysis, as well as reflecting and combating manipulation practices in the (mass)media.


Participants will:

-get practical skills to be able to report for traditional, digital, and social media in a balanced and fair way;

– be able to reflect on and combat manipulation practices in the (mass)media and their dependence on politicians and other groups;

– be critically thinking and able to assess information in non-biased and non-stereotyped way;

– get knowledge of the (mass)media manipulation concepts: media as subject of manipulation (such asgate-keeping, agenda setting) and as object and mean of manipulation (such as propaganda), and

media communication;

– get knowledge of theoretical framework (concepts) of the media literacy;

– be able to critically think about representation of youth and minorities in media;

– learn how to spread the knowledge among wide public and raise its awareness of specifics and

challenges of the news communicated by the digital and social media;

– work and network in a formal and non-formal way in the multicultural environment.

Their knowledge will be solidified through hands-on production of media and other materials on the media literacy and critical thinking. Hence the participants will put the acquired knowledge directly into practice. Materials produced will be published online as open educational resources.


Financial information

Accommodation, food and all materials to be used are fully covered by Erasmus+ Programme and are taken care of by the European Dialogue.


Participants will receive reimbursement of their travel costs (flight + train or bus ticket, if needed) up to the amount indicated below according to their country of residence:

Armenia – 350 EUR

Belgium – 200 EUR

Bosnia and Herzegovina – 220 EUR

Bulgaria – 200 EUR

Germany – 200 EUR

Italy – 200 EUR

Lithuania – 220 EUR

Montenegro – 220 EUR

Portugal – 300 EUR

Slovakia – 50 EUR (only bus or train)


Tickets for travel to airport from participant’s home towns and back as well as return train/bus tickets to Poprad (Slovakia) are included in the amounts above. The nearest airports are Vienna, Bratislava, Krakow, Kosice, or Poprad.

Although travel costs will be reimbursed, participants will be expected to make their own travel arrangements as soon as possible after receiving acceptance e-mail and communicate with organisers about it. The organisers will provide participants with list of recommended flights, bus, or train connections, which are within the reimbursement limit. If they are not convenient for participants, they will be expected to take another cheapest route from their place of residence to Berlin and use following means of the transportation:

  • Train: 2nd class ticket (normal as well as high-speed trains),
  • Flight: return economy-class air ticket or a cheaper ticket,
  • Bus,
  • Car.

In exceptional and justified cases the organisers can book travel tickets for participants, or help them with finding the most suitable travel plan.

If they don’t have it already, all the participants are expected to arrange adequate medical and travel insurance which we strongly recommend. Unfortunately it cannot be reimbursed by organisers.

Participants are expected to arrive on 25 April until 20:00 and leave on 2 May at any time.

Participants will receive info-pack with programme and all important and other useful information one week after being selected.


Who can apply?

This call is open for:

  • Young media makers (student or recent graduate), representatives of non-governmental organisations focused on media, people interested in media literacy, critical thinking, and media analysis;
  • Between 18-30 years old, only one participant can be older than 30 years;
  • Citizens or legal residents of Armenia, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Montenegro, Portugal, and Slovakia;
  • Proficient in English.

How to apply?

Interested candidates are invited to apply by filling in this online form until 02 April 2019, 23:59 CET.

This youth exchange is financed by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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