What kind of stories and perspectives on climate change and fake news are you missing in Visegrad media today?

25 enthusiastic young media makers from Visegrad countries met in November 2019 in Slovakia to tackle these questions as well as to explore the current trends in the field of media. 

Young media makers experienced three days of media workshops covering topics ranging from media literacy, disinformation, and participated also in practical workshops such as TV, photography, social media and documentary. 

The leading topics of the training course were The V4’s fight against climate threats and Countering Fake News in Visegrad. Participants were supposed to work on and produce a media story that lifts new perspectives on the selected topics. It could be in the form of written text, photos, video, podcast, social media etc. in close cooperation with their mentors. 

Lot of interesting ideas came out of the debates as well as media stories! 

Participants covered topics, such as Case study from Slovakia – How to recognise the fake news, Perception of immigrants in the Visegrad Group, Climate change approaches in V4 countries, and many others! 

You can explore them through the articles, videos, and photo stories included in this V4 School on Media project Special Edition: V4-fall-school-on-media-ebook.