Erasmus+ Youth Exchange in Sutomore, Montenegro, on 14 – 21 October 2018



The project was addressing a number of common challenges that not only participating organisations are facing. During several years of cooperation, Member Organisations of the EYP together with their umbrella organisation were able to identify recurring challenges that the organisations are facing. The most common ones have been chosen as subjects of this project, which focused on three main and interconnected areas. First of them was sustainable NGO management in general, including organisational democracy, leadership and motivation of volunteers, anti-discrimination and accessibility. Second main area was successful fundraising, project management and evaluation, including communication and technologies used for planning and supervision (such as Trello or Gantt). Last area was development of international networks and cooperation. Project consortium also acknowledged that it’s important to exchange skills and best practices in recruitment techniques and motivation of volunteers.

Aim and objectives:

The main aim of the project was to empower involved organisations and their representatives to be able to reach a wider range of young people, and to improve the quality of their strategic and everyday activities. Objectives reached by implementation of this project were:

  1. to raise knowledge of and/or improve skills in the project themes: a) NGO and project management, b) fundraising, c) democratic governance;
  2. to improve skills in writing a strategic and fundraising plan (for a media organisation in this case) and in using new communication technologies;
  3. to strengthen capacities and network of EYP’s Member Organisations – primarily those involved in this project;
  4. to empower participants to become multipliers and inspire other organisation.

Partner organisations

Mladiinfo MontenegroEuropean Youth Press – Network of Young Media MakersUng Media SverigeBué FixeScambieuropeiONAuBiHManana Center3rd SectorCafébabel.

Final outputs created by participants

Moving Ideas Forward youth exchange brought together 50 participants from 10 organisations from 10 European countries: Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Germany, Italy, Montenegro, Portugal, Slovakia, and Sweden. They were young leaders and volunteers, project managers and their assistants. Thus they represented various expertise, but also interests and cultural backgrounds.

Group 1: How to reach and expand your target group

Group 2: Transfer of knowledge – Cafébabel case study

Group 3: Fundraising strategy and budget analysis

Group 4: Techniques to recruit and motivate volunteers

Group 5: Project proposal

Group 6: Final video about the youth exchange

Presentations by trainers and organisers


Project management

European Solidarity Corps

For multipliers and others who are interested in details of the youth exchange – here you can download full final programme of the week.

Media about youth exchange published by partner organisations

Participants from Armenia published blog posts about the youth exchange, their impressions, and experiences on (only in Armenian): day 1day 2day 3day 4day 5day 6day 7summary.

Article on Cafébabel.

Media published by Mladiinfo Montenegro: articles about study visit to Caritas in Bar (in Montenegrin and English), study visit to NGO Adria in Bar (in Montenegrin and English), and whole youth exchange (in Montenegrin and English); video-summary.

Bué Fixe: post on Facebook.

Ung Media: posts on FacebookInstagram 1Instagram 2, and Instagram 3.

Organising team

Denisa Karabová, European Dialogue

Martin Maška, European Dialogue

Milica Zugic, Mladiinfo Montenegro

Elma Selmanovic, Mladiinfo Montenegro

2018, Európsky Dialóg – European Dialogue