The European Dialogue is looking for participants in Erasmus+ training called Moving Ideas Forward: Guidance to Successful Youth Organisations II.!

What the training will be about?

The second edition of the Moving Ideas Forward project (details about the first edition have been published on this webpage) is addressing a number of common challenges in three interconnected areas. First of them is sustainable NGO management in general, including organisational democracy, leadership and motivation of volunteers, inclusion of minorities and disadvantaged people, anti-discrimination, and accessibility. Second main area is successful fundraising, new business models in media, project management and evaluation, including communication and technologies used for planning and supervision (such as Trello or Gantt). Last area is development of international networks and cooperation.

You can find more infomation about context of the training on this webpage.

Who are we looking for?

  • Trainers, young leaders and volunteers, peer-to-peer educators, youth workers, representatives of youth organisations, project managers and their assistants, or young media producers 18+ years old.
  • We encourage participation of people with fewer opportunities: who are representatives of cultural minorities, facing economic obstacles, or are coming from rural areas.
  • The condition of the participation is active command of the English language.

The training will be attended by 24 youth workers and representatives of youth organisations Armenia, Montenegro, Italy, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Lithuania, Germany, and Slovakia (3 from each country).

When and where will the training take place?

8-days long training of youth workers will take place from 13 to 20 June 2022 (including two travel days) in the capital city of Armenia – Yerevan. The accommodation will be provided in hotel (link), where also most of the programme will take place.

What will the participants gain?

  • Knowledge of successful and effective NGO development and management, and practical skills in this regard: e.g.writing strategic plans, communicating with public authorities, making the projects inclusive;
  • Practical skills in project development, management, and fundraising: searching for grant, filling in application forms (for example Erasmus+), writing fundraising plans, communicating with potential donors, monitoring and evaluating project, writing diverse reports;
  • Practical skills in developing organisational strategies and new project proposals;
  • Ability to use modern technologies for communication, planning, and supervision, and how to use them in their work;
  • Soft-skills which are important for youth workers, such as networking, self-presentation, or language skills;
  • Insights into international and national fundraising opportunities.

In small groups (up to 3 people) supervised by facilitators the participants will work on concepts of their projects or initiatives on topic of their choice – e.g. training, international cooperation project, curriculum, media project, campaign, communication strategy, new business model or organisational strategy proposal, fundraising strategy, or plan on how to engage young people more in youth work activities.

Ultimately, the participants will be able to develop new quality projects and activities in the field of youth work, raise relevant competences among their colleagues or peers, enhance capacities of their current or future organisations, and inspire and empower young people to take active role in the society and develop new initiatives. They will also exchange skills and best practices in organisational and project development.


The travel costs will be reimbursed up to the amount of 360 EUR (for participants from Slovakia, Lithuania, Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Montenegro) or 820 EUR (for participants from Portugal). These amounts cover travel from participant’s place of residentce to Yerevan; not applicable to Armenian participants.

The accommodation, lunches, and dinners are covered directly by the European Dialogue. The project is financed by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, through the Slovak National Agency (IUVENTA).


Deadline for registration is 15.05.2022 at 00:00 SEČ.

If you are interested in participating, please send your CV and a short motivation letter to:

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact via the above mentioned email address.

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