Say NO to Extremism

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Monika Kmeťová – coordinator


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Say No to Extremism

By Rossen Apostolov

Extremism can be found all around us and it is a matter that should not be ignored. It is that kind of parasite that our society invented and supported in time leading to globally recognized conflicts. As we learned over the last week, extremists use certain set of instruments in order to popularize their ideas and believes. For instance, misleading information provided in a populist way leads to the creation of certain movements which could have bad impact on the society in general. Such examples can be found almost in every nationality’s history (communism, fascism etc.). Bearing this in mind, we all should build better awareness and knowledge how to fight with it, since it would not be possible to eliminate it entirely because of our societies believes.

Let’s first start with recognizing the leading instruments that these extremist communities use. Among them are accessible misinformation, propaganda, conspiracy theories, targeting minorities and people who are in some way oppressed. As mentioned before in our opinion extremism can not be totally eliminated but at least we can fight against it. Fight against it through knowledge and awareness about it. Extremism cannot be totally eliminated because there are already well-established groups of people which cannot be just “reprogrammed”. At least we can enlighten the young people to build better awareness and knowledge regarding the topic which would decrease the success rate of the manipulative ways the extremist groups use to recruit people to their organizations. Various NGO’s can create different interactive ways of providing this knowledge to the young people by using techniques employed by the extremists themselves. For instance, Student organizations can go from school to school showing short informational presentation and trying to engage young people into the fight against the extremism. Moreover, a media (blog, website, social media profile) can be created for open discussions where people can ask their questions regarding the reliability of news, conspiracy theories etc. on which well educated people in the relevant field can provide a decomposition of the discussion topics. Furthermore, different countries should emphasize on accepting others in their own societies. It would be beneficial, if there is a mandatory program for young people to stay and visit at least one different country until they are 25, this will lead to multicultural experience which would decrease the discrimination between nationalities.

In conclusion, extremism cannot be entirely eliminated. However, using extremist’s instruments we can fight it and at least restrict the spread of extremist believes by tolerance, love, respect and acceptance. After all we have to remember that people are not born with bad intentions, they become bad because of the society that they live in. It is up to us to be better and kinder to each other and that’s the only way how we can help our societies.